Fair Travel™ lets you explore Tanzania with quality, safety and value – for you and the people you visit. Our highest priority is your experience so we dedicate mind and soul in every detail to make your adventures a trip of a lifetime. None of our staff is tip dependent, prices are transparent and we channel all net profits to projects that benefit communities and protection of nature. We make sure that ….your footprints matter.

If you are looking for cheap ‘tourist traps’ with low concern of quality and safety; tour companies who take your money, pay low wages and expect you to add up staff salary with tips; or prefer that profits from your adventures leak out of Tanzania or increase income gaps – keep looking elsewhere.


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Your footprints

Fair Travel™ is for people who want to explore Tanzania with a positive impact. Our approach is simple:

» Fair salaries – our staff can provide for themselves without depending on tips.
» Support of local economy – goods and services are bought from local suppliers.
» Protection of natural resources – national park fees and profits help important conservation work.
» Improved livelihoods for communities – profits are invested in sustainable projects.
» CO2 emissions from your adventures are offset locally in Tanzania.

Read more about us, our philosophy and story. Or, just go ahead and book your next adventure with Fair Travel Tanzania. Karibu Tanzania, welcome to Tanzania!

Our 2014 goals: