Open group dates for Mount Kilimanjaro 2019

You can confirm a private expedition with Fair Travel™ on any date, route and group size that suits your own preferences. You can also join in a group with others to share costs and experiences. Below you see available open groups, some planned according to full moon or new moon to give you that extra magic boost of energy during summit.

Our groups consist usually of 4-6 trekkers and are limited to max. 8 for a better private trekking experience. Contact us and let us know your travel plans and if you wish to join any of below groups. If you have your own preferred starting date but still want to join with others, we can help match you with our other guests.

Pricing per person

Lemosho 8 days: USD 3,285
Machame 7 days: USD 2,910
(Based on 4 trekkers in group, prices vary according to final group size)

All tips are included, this is the final price making it fair for everyone!

You can also choose another Kilimanjaro route for your Fair Travel™ expedition – inquire here.


Not included

  • Airport transfers
  • All program transfers
  • National park fees
  • Accommodation in Moshi 2 nights
  • Expedition tents
  • Mess tent for meals & lounging
  • Oxygen tank
  • Communal camping equipment
  • Program meals
  • 2.5’’ camping mattress
  • Salaries for our professional staff
  • VAT
  • Tips included – saves you $350-500, avoids exploitation and embarrassing tipping ceremonies)
  • International / domestic flights
  • Visa fees and travel insurance
  • Rental gears (e.g. sleeping bag, walking poles)
  • Personal items, medicine, drinks, beverages, souvenirs…

Confirmed treks

Starting date
Route and days
Special note
June 08thLemosho 7dCONFIRMED
June 16thLemosho 8dCONFIRMED
June 17thMeru 4dCONFIRMED
June 21stLemosho 7dCONFIRMED
June 28thMachame 7dNew moon summit nightCONFIRMED
Aug. 10thLemosho 8dFull moon summit nightCONFIRMED
Aug. 12thLemosho 8dCONFIRMED
Sept. 09thMachame 7dMirco full moon summit nightCONFIRMED
Sept. 25thNorthern C. 9dCONFIRMED
Oct. 07thNorthern C. 9dFull moon summit nightCONFIRMED
Oct. 08thLemosho 8dFull moon summit nightCONFIRMED
Oct. 12thLemosho 8dCONFIRMED
Oct. 17thMachame 7dCONFIRMED

Full moon/new moon summiting dates 2019

You will enjoy the full moon/new moon during the summit night ascent, and welcome the beautiful sunrise as you reach the top. Moon visibility according to weather conditions of course .

These dates are merely suggestions from our side, you can start with us anytime you wish.

Starting dateRoute and daysFull moon (FM)
New moon (NM)
June 12thLemosho 8dFM June 17thOpen
June 13thMachame 7dFM June 17th
June 27thLemosho 8dNM July 02ndOpen
June 28th
Machame 7dNM July 02nd
July 11thLemosho 8dFM July 17th
(partial lunar eclipse)
July 12thMachame 7dFM July 17th
(partial lunar eclipse)
July 26thLemosho 8dNM Aug. 01stOpen
July 27th
Machame 7dNM Aug. 01st
Aug. 10thLemosho 8dFM Aug. 15thCONFIRMED
Aug. 11th
Machame 7dFM Aug. 15th
Aug. 24thLemosho 8dNM Aug. 30th
(black moon and super new moon)
Aug. 25th
Machame 7dNM Aug. 30th
(black moon and super new moon)
Sept. 08thLemosho 8dFM Sept. 14th
(Mirco full moon)
Sept. 09thMachame 7dFM Sept.14th
(Mirco full moon)
Sept. 23rdLemosho 8dNM Sept. 28th
(Super new moon)
Sept. 24th
Machame 7dNM Sept. 28th
(Super new moon)
Oct. 08thLemosho 8dFM Oct. 14thCONFIRMED
Oct. 09th
Machame 7dFM Oct. 14th
Oct. 22ndLemosho 8dNM Oct. 28thOpen
Oct. 23rd
Machame 7dNM Oct. 28th
Dec. 06thLemosho 8dFM Dec. 12thOpen
Dec. 07th
Machame 7dFM Dec. 12th
Dec. 20thLemosho 8dNM Dec. 26thOpen
Dec. 21st
Machame 7dNM Nov. 26th


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