Locally and internationally recognized as the premier responsible trekking company in Tanzania, Fair Travel™ exists to end exploitation of porters and provide all expedition staff with fair working conditions and salaries for their hard work. Fair Travel™ porters enjoy the highest salaries paid consistently in the history of Kilimanjaro. For the trekker, watching the sunrise on top of Mount Kilimanjaro is a highlight – literally. The adventure of climbing Kilimanjaro, the Roof of Africa, is an experience you will carry for the rest of your life. It is the tallest free-standing mountain but the highly accessible summit attracts amateur and professional climbers from all over the world. With preparation, focus and motivation you can beat any mental or physical barrier to reach Uhuru Peak at 5895m/19341ft. It is the ultimate adventure in Africa, part of the world’s 7 summits, and extremely rewarding when you reach the top and feel the sense of accomplishment at Uhuru Peak. Choosing Fair Travel™ adds value to your trekking experience as none of your team members are exploited allowing you to feel part of the team rather than a money machine milked for tips.

Safety first

Safety comes first when climbing any mountain. Therefore, your experience, personal physiology and health condition must be considered in the choice of route and number of days. In general, spending more days for acclimatizing allows you to enjoy more of nature and increase the probability of success. Our gear list is also provided in the program we create for you together with additional useful information, to help you prepare a successful expedition with safety and quality of experience.

Your guide

Our Kilimanjaro Head and Assistant guides are licensed and professionally trained to take you safely to Uhuru peak, and back. Our Head guides have an experience of 50-100+ successful summits and we work with a hand picked crew of experienced Assistant guides, Cooks and Porters. Their strong, genuine and friendly characters combined with their passion for Kilimanjaro contribute to the quality of experience, link to Kilimanjaro culture and provide that extra motivation, when needed during the expedition, to reach the summit and come back – safely.


Kilimanjaro porters are the heart and soul of the mountain. There are few experiences as humbling as being passed by porters on a climb. They carry food, water and equipment to ensure a comfortable climb and increased summit success rate. They are certainly among the hardest working men in Tanzania and we make sure they are rewarded properly for their efforts. Fair Travel™ porters receive $18/person/day, which is the highest salary levels and un-preceded in the history of Kilimanjaro expeditions. We are proud of this fact and know that this is a fair amount, agreed upon by our staff, for the hard work done!


Marangu, Machame, Lemosho, Rongai, Shira and Umbwe are the routes we choose from depending on your preferences, time and experience. We highly recommend Machame route for 7 days or Lemosho route for 8-9 days. Both routes allow great acclimatizing opportunities, highest chances of summit success and varied scenery of the mountain each day boosting motivation.


Marangu is the only route offering sleeping huts in dormitory style. Other routes have designated campsites where we use mountain expedition tents and equipment.

Your footprints

+ Fair salary, dignity and respect for your guides, cook and porters
+ National park fees help conservation
+ Food from local suppliers
+ CO2 offset adventure
+ Profits go to our impact

Fair Salary Levels

A tough and risky job must be properly rewarded by the company who is responsible for its staff. When it comes to paying fair wages, Fair Travel™ is the leading company and here are the numbers to back it up:

Kilimanjaro Head Guide $35/day
Kilimanjaro Assistant guide $25/day
Kilimanjaro Cook $20/day
Kilimanjaro Porter $18/day

Tip dependency encourages risk-taking behavior and has been a contributing factor to compromise safety – sometimes even with fatal results. None of our staff is, or will ever be, dependent on tips! This is not only about strengthening human and worker rights, it is also the best approach in regards of safety for all parties involved in a mountain expedition. Join us hand in hand to end exploitation of staff and tip dependency. Book your Kilimanjaro expedition with Fair Travel™.